While many people know that diabetes affects blood sugar, some may not know that one of the complications of long term issues with high blood sugar happens in the feet. Those with diabetes are especially prone to nerve damage in the foot, as well as infections, ulcers, fungal infections, and, at worst – amputation. Diabetic shoes are one way to help ease the discomfort and reduce the likelihood that these conditions will develop or worsen.

A doctor must prescribe diabetic shoes, and an orthotist or therapeutic shoe fitter must fit them individually. At Hill Country Foot and Ankle Center, we are proud to offer these services to our patients. Sometimes diabetic shoes also entail inserts, arch supports, wedges, and customized heels. The combination of these deep, cushioned, tailored shoes and any additional supporting structures help to prevent discomfort, increase circulation, and help those with diabetes stay mobile and active – two things integral to a healthy lifestyle.

If you have questions about diabetic footwear or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at (830) 693-8145 (Marble Falls Office) or at (830) 693-8144 (Fredericksburg Office).